Sunday, October 14, 2007

Newspaper Boxes - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I don't know if you guys have these or not. Putting some change into the slot allows you to open the box and get a paper (high tech, I know). If you were an unscrupulous sort, you could put in the money for one paper but instead take all the papers and sell them for a tidy profit (and noone's the wiser). Anyway the Toronto Star and the Hamilton Spectator are the newspapers of choice around here. Burlington has its own paper, The Burlington Post, which is free, but it's got lots of ads and it's not unheard of for it to have a front page report on a craft show, or junior high school basketball tournament.

Highway - Ontario, Canada

Adam just happened to have this pic in his collection. We took it on the way home from one of our camping trips. This is the 401. According to my friend the internet, it is the longest 400-series highway (those are the big ones). It's also one of the widest and busiest highways in the world. We call them highways not motorways because the government has plans to finance the construction of flying vehicles that don't use motors. Okay I made that last part up. The important thing is: our road's bigger. :)

Motorway - Glasgow, Scotland

Scotland's main motorway - the M8 - which runs between Edinburgh and Glasgow. This is obviously a very quiet day 'cos in rush hour the traffic is crazy busy!
You're it Jen! I promise I'll be quicker from now on!

Fire Hydrant - Glasgow, Scotland

I'm saying nothing apart from......... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!
This blog is such a learning curve!!! Now I know that there are fire hydrants in Scotland!! :oD