Thursday, April 24, 2008

Police Car - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I took this picture ages ago, when a whole squadron of police cars randomly parked outside and officers stormed my building, guns blazing, looking for evil doers. At least that's how I'm going to remember it. The details are a bit fuzzy since it was so long ago. Anyway, if you see one of these cruisers by the side of the road, flash your headlights to warn people in the on-coming lanes to slow down and avoid the speed trap. It's the Canadian thing to do. You're it Carol!

Cat - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

As you can see, the cats in Canada are much younger. This was taken at the petstore across the street from my condo. So cute. I'd take him home, but I'm allergic. Plus I've got all the baby and furry I can handle with my son and my guinea pig.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cat - Glasgow, Scotland

A Scottish cat. This particular bundle of fluff is Jazz, our little monster. The reason he's looking so sad is because he knew we were packing to go away to Amsterdam for a few days and leaving him behind.
I'm sure Canadian cats look the same as Scottish cats, although I'll bet they have a diffenet miaow! *lol*
You're it Jen! :)

Strip Club - Glasgow, Scotland

As soon as Jen posted the photo of Solid Gold, I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding Glasgow's equivalent! *lol* Welcome to Diamond Dolls, Glasgow's No. 1 strip club! Not quite as discreet as Burlington's establishment and right next to a sew shop and bar/cafe. The girl on the doorstep isn't waiting for her shift to begin (I took this at lunchtime!) - I believe she's a staff member at House of Fraser, one of the premier department stores in the country. Their staff smoke out in that street all the time.

Like Jen, I've never been in here, I just knew where it was. ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Strip Club - Burlington, Ontario

I have lived in Burlington since I was five, and yet I've never attended this gentlemen's club. (Partly because I am a hetrosexual female, and naked dancing girls don't really interest me). The exterior isn't really that much to write home about, but it really demonstrates our somewhat-prudish Canadian custom of disguising our strip joints as classy establishments. Look, they even gave themselves 5 stars. You're it Carol!

Castle - Hamilton, Ontario

This is what passes for a castle in southern Ontario. As wikipedia so eloquently puts it: "Dundurn Castle is an historic chateau on Dundurn Street North in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This 18,000 square foot mansion took three years to build, ending in 1835, for a cost $175,000.00. This seventy-two room castle featured the latest conveniences of gas lighting and running water." Hey, our house cost more than $175, 000. Maybe I can get someone to build us a castle instead. No? Well at least we got to tour the place using the free coupons that came with our cereal boxes. They even gave us cookies at the end of our tour. (William had 2, shhhhh).

BTW: Anyone recognize those tiny people hanging out by the tree?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Castle - Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow isn't a city built on rocks like Edinburgh (which has thee best castle!) but it has a scattering of small castles. This one is Dumbarton Castle, North of the river. It's cared for by Historic Scotland and seeing as they had a free weekend at all of their sites, we thought we'd g visit! =D You're it Jen!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

City Sign - Glasgow, Scotland

We're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerest apologies for the massively hugenormous delay.....
Glasgow doesn't have a population sign - but we've now officially been announced as the official host city *yay* of the 2014 Commonwealth Games! =D