Friday, March 27, 2009

Billboards - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ah, yet another eye sore that I didn't notice until you pointed it (or rather them) out to me. Here we have advertisements from Hakim Optical and McDonald's, plus a mystery ad that is facing sideways so that people coming from the other direction can see. And, as an extra bonus for all our faithful blog viewers: hydro towers and telephone poles in the background.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Billboard - Glasgow, Scotland

Right, here we have a billboard advertising some product or another. Usually these are found along motorways and main roads in the city. In this case this was was in the station where I photographed the trains from my previous post. This isn't your usual static board - this one is made up of long strips on triangular boards (must be a right pain to change!) and since I was looking for a board specifically Scottish, my luck was in when I spotted this one.
The first advert is for Scottish Hydro Electric, one of Scotland's main electricity providers. We go through Scottish Power, but clearly their advertising works because I noticed them and I'm not a customer.
The second advert is for Clydesdale Bank which is very Scottish. If a Scottish person has a pile of Clydesdale Bank notes to spend in England (boo!) they look at you like you're handing them a foreign currency. It's legal tender, they're just not cultured enough. =P
You're it Jen!

Trains - Glasgow, Scotland

The brightly coloured train at the front of the photo is a Virgin train which I've never been on. Usually they provide comfort for long-distance rail journeys (mostly to London) and seeing as I use a plane for them... I've never been on one. The grubbier cream and maroon coloured train to the back of the photo is a First ScotRail train which I take twice a day: once to go to work and once to come home. As you can see, they don't have an upstairs (which, as a Scottish tourist on a GO Train, I found amazing!!) so they're always crammed full of commuters like myself.