Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fire Hydrant - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

It's a fire hydrant. Fire fighters attach their hoses to it and use it to put out fires (I assume everyone knows this, but what more is there to say about a fire hydrant?). This one says "1979" on it, which means it was built the same year I was born. This hydrant and I could be long lost twins! You're it, Carol.

Bus Terminal - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Okay so we don't have a bus station, but we have three train stations and a bus terminal. Here it is, the Burlington Transit Bus Terminal. I know, it's impressive. I mean, there's a sign and everything. The architecture around here can truly be breathtaking.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bus Station - Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow only has one bus station but two train stations. This is the bus station... Buchanan Bus Station because it's on Buchanan Street. :) Obviously all the buses are round the back. I love the clock - very contemporary - no idea what it stands for (literally!) Time flies? Running out of time? No idea! You're it Jen! :)

Art Gallery - Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is the second most visited contemporary art gallery outside London. Displayed inside is work by local and international artists as well as addressing contemporary social issues through its major biannual projects. A thoroughly inspiring and elegant neo-classical building in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

On a more fun note (and not from a guide book *lol*), see the horse statue at the right? The dude on it usually has a traffic cone on his head! *lol*

Ok Mum sent me this photo - here's what he looks like with the traffic cone on his head! Lol.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Art Gallery - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

This is the Burlington Art Centre. It used to be called the Cultural Centre (because we love to change the names of things) but I like the new name better. Anyway, it's free to get in and I've been going there to see art (and sometimes take art classes) since I was five or six years old. It's always had that large orange hunk of ...um... ART in front of it. You're it, Carol!

Movie Theatre - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

We call them movie theatres not cinemas (cinéma is French). Anyway. This theatre used to be called Famous 8 because it had eight screens, but then they expanded to 12 screens so they changed its name to (yup, you guessed it) SilverCity Burlington. There's two other movie theatres besides this one: "Showcase" and "Encore" but those are the cheapy ones. It rained today so it's a perfect time to go (we didn't, but it would have been a good time to go anyway).

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cinema - Glasgow, Scotland

Probably a very easy one for ya here! At over 12 stories tall, CineWorld has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the Worlds Tallest Cinema! It seats around 4,300 in total over 18 screens, the largest of which seats 663, the smallest 84. Derek and I used to go here all the time! It's a great landmark in the city. You're it Jen!

Bridge - Glasgow, Scotland

Well here are two of Glasgow's bridges. Like I said, there are plenty but too many to choose from. The top one is a footbridge and that is the Clydeside walkway to the left. It's always busy down here at lunchtime and it's only a few minutes walk from work so ideal for a sunny day, which today was! The bottom photo is a totally different bridge: the Kingston bridge which the M8 motorway travels over. It's Europe's busiest road bridge!! But standing where I was, you'd never guess it - it was so tranquil!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bridge - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

There's actually two bridges in this photo. The big one on the right is the Skyway Bridge which is part of a highway called the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way). The green one that says "Canada" on it (in case you forget where you are) is the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge (meaning it raises up so that the boats can go through). Both bridges lead to Hamilton, Ontario and beyond. I recommend taking the Skyway Bridge rather than the lift bridge because noone has time to wait for that bridge to lower. You're it Carol.

Garden Centre - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

This is Terra Greenhouses, the garden centre near my parents' house. I took two photos and couldn't decide which one was the least horrible so I decided to post them both! There are so many plants that they have to use that little red vehicle to drive around and get them all. We haven't any problem with summer weather. Although personally I think it's too hot to garden.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Garden Centre - Glasgow, Scotland

Seeing as it was a somewhat pleasant day, Derek and I took a trip to our local garden centre. Dobbies is the one of the main garden centre chains in the UK and my Grandparents swear by the coffee shops in them! Usually a hustle and bustle of activity in the Summer months, this one was dead quiet when we were in because the Summer weather here in Scotland has been so poor this year! :( You're it Jen!

High School - Glasgow, Scotland

Barrhead High School. Derek used to go here (a looooooong time ago) *lol* but I didn't. Mine was much nicer, but sadly too far away to get a photo of. Because of this, I couldn't tell you the first thing about it, but the design of the building is pretty standard of all high schools in the area.