Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Population Sign - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Well, technically this picture wasn't taken in Burlington. You have to step outside the city to take a picture of the population sign right? (At least that's how I think it works, I really don't know where the city limits are). Anyway, I think this picture was taken in Milton, north of Burlington. Normally a sign like this would just be blue and white like the top part and wouldn't have the city name written a second time with a bunch of fancy swoopty things coming off it, but Burlington wanted to be special so I guess we've made that our logo. Anyway we have 151 thousand Burlingtonians (give or take a dozen), how many Glasgowians are there? You're it, Carol!

Movies - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Here's the list of all the movies currently playing at the SilverCity. As you can see, Rendition is playing. Ratatouille, however, is just coming out on DVD (good flick). I have no idea about the other ones, as I have a baby and am out of touch. The Nightmare Before Christmas wouldn't be playing here because we don't have an IMAX theatre. I totally forgot they were making a 3D version, it's one of my favourite movies! (hope I didn't miss it) Say, did you know IMAX movie technology is Canadian (you would know that if you saw an IMAX film here, because they are always preceded by a cheesey laser light presentation that tells fairly uninteresting facts while showing off the speakers).

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Movies - Glasgow, Scotland

These boards are outside the Odeon cinema we walked past last night. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rendition, Ratatouille, Eastern Promises, Stardust, and The Nanny Diaries are all showing here. So I have to ask... just how far behind you guys are we? *lol* You're it Jen!

Newspaper Seller - Glasgow, Scotland

Ok so we don't have newspaper boxes in Scotland - people would steal all the newspapers. *lol*
So instead we have poor little guys like this dude selling papers. He's sitting on thee most uncomfortable seat ever!
The Evening Times is Glasgow's main newspaper but seeing as you're all the way in Canada, you can read it online right here.