Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trains - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

The two trains on the left are freight trains from the Canadian National Railway (CN). The train on the far right is a passenger train, otherwise known as a GO Train. Lots of commuters take Go trains in to Toronto every morning. Sometimes, Scottish people who are staying in Toronto take the GO Train to Burlington to visit their friends. You're it Carol!

Hydro Tower - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

We don't have electricity pylons, but these hydro towers perform the exact same function. Until you posted that pic, and I started looking for them, I didn't even notice them. Now I realise they are everywhere. Really, we have like whole forests of these things. I can't believe my brain filtered out something so gigantic.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Electricity Pylon - Glasgow, Scotland

Ok so I think this is officially the least glam picture I've posted lol. The good old electricity pylon. I know they're a neccessity but they have to be the ugliest, most imposing structures around, especially sandwiched between houses like this. They generate a buzzing sound which, when I walk past, I'm very aware of so unless the residents of the neighbouring houses have become immune to it, I guess they must be driven crazy! I wonder if they get cheaper power..... You're it Jen!

Playground - Glasgow, Scotland

Here we have a playground in Neilston, just up from my house. As you can see it's deserted because of the weather (check out the clouds) but the teenagers love it at night lol. The grafitti shows that. Sorry it took me so long to get this posted. I actually pass this every other day but it's usually too dark to get out and get a photo taken. My new challenge - go out of my way to get photos for this super happy super fab blog! =D