Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheesey Pasta - Edinburgh, Scotland

I thought I'd post a fun picture. Kraft Cheesey Pasta. Basically this is one of the fastest dinners you can possibly make - it's macaroni with a cheese sauce. The reason I took this photo while my hubby ordered a create-your-own pizza in Asda WalMart was because I liked the display and I know you can get a Canadian version of this. Usually a product has like a little section of a shelf but there were hundred of these boxes out on display! Mind you, at only £1 it's a bargain! Did I buy any? No. Did I see anyone buy any while I was stood taking the photos? No. Does the massively huge £1 and millions of red boxes make people buy Cheesey Pasta? No. *lol*

You're it Jen!

Rubbish (aka. Garbage) - Edinburgh, Scotland

*** This is the first of many posts from Edinburgh as I moved house. Still commute the 50 miles to work on the other side of the country so I spend just as much time in Glasgow. Most of my posts will come from Edinburgh now but occassionally from Glasgow. Mostly things are the same in the East and West but there are still a million differences. ***

This is my garbage, or as we Scots call it, rubbish. We had to wait a while to get these containers as our new house was newly built and the council weren't forward-sighted enough to supply them. Anyway, here we finally have a photo. Jen, and indeed all our readers out there, I can't apologise enough for the delay. Moving house was crazy and although I've had this photo for a while I'm notoriously bad at updating. Luckily I now have a stash of photos so hopefully there should be no further delays.
In this photo we have a selection of recycling and rubbish containers:
- blue box (with shower cap style cover) for cans, tins, glass jars and bottles;
- blue bag for paper;
- red box (with shower cap style cover) for cardboard;
- charity bag for clothes, textiles, sheets etc;
- green wheelie bin for rubbish.
There are currently no collections for plastic recycling so we just take them to our local public site - 2 minutes down the street.
Most houses also have a big brown wheelie bin for garden waste (grass cuttings, weeds etc) but we're still waiting on ours. When we lived in Glasgow we were in the East Renfrewshire district and they were piloting compost bins which looked like a mini green wheelie bin. If we had to have that as well as all of these there's be no room in the garage or driveway for our car!!
Btw you'll notice how insanely clean these all are... at this point they were totally unused lol.