Monday, July 30, 2007

High School - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

This is M. M. Robinson High School, where I spent most of my teenage years. In Burlington we have two government funded school systems the Catholic school board and the public school board. MMR is a public school. It was named after Melville Mark (Bobby) Robinson (1888-1974), a Burlington fruit-farmer who was the sports editor of the Hamilton Spectator (a newpaper) and who founded the British Empire Games (later the Commonwealth games) in 1930. He was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in the 1950s. That goofy man giving the thumbs-up in the Subaru is my husband (don't mind him, he went to Catholic school). You're it Carol!

Café - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Okay, so it's a bit of a stretch to call Tim Hortons a café (it's a doughnut and coffee shop) but I couldn't let the opportunity pass by to post this little bit of Canadiana. Tim Hortons, named after a hockey player, can be found on nearly every corner here. Many people buy coffee or muffins or even soup and sandwiches here on a daily basis. Once a year, usually around May, Timmies runs a "roll up the rim" contest, where by rolling up the rim of your coffee cup (or in my case, hot chocolate cup) you can win a car, or doughnut, or television, or more coffee. Edit: There are 2710 outlets in Canada, 336 outlets in the United States and one outlet just outside Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cafe - Glasgow, Scotland

I hope this doesn't constitute cheating ~ posting two photos in one go. :oP
I spotted this lonley soul enjoying a quiet coffee one day last week when the sun was shining. It's very rare to be able to sit out and enjoy the sun in Scotland lol. Mind you, this has to be the smallest cafe ever!! I love how it's so tiny but it is part of such a huge sandstone building! Ok you're it Jen!

View from my place - Glasgow, Scotland

Here is the view from my spare bedroom looking out of the back of the house. The bottom left corner shows our garden (you'll recognise the bird house!) and behind all those trees is the main road. The little triangles you see on the hill are the roofs of houses. About 1 miles up the hill to the right is where Derek's Mum and Dad live. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

View from my place - Burlington, Ontario

I thought I'd make things easy this time. This is the view from my condo. There are few perks to living on the 9th floor. This is one of them. From up here, Burlington seems very green, forest-like even. Anyway, that stripe of blue along the horizon is Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes (the Great Lakes are called the Great Lakes because they are SO great.)

Beautiful House - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I took this picture while I was strolling along lakeshore. This isn't the largest house on lakeshore, nor is it necessarily the prettiest, but it is one that I happened to take a decent photo of. In Burlington, there are a lot of mansions down by the lake, on Lakeshore Rd and Northshore Blvd, and other scenic streets whose names escape me.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Beautiful House - Glasgow, Scotland

A house. But not just any house. This is actually two houses just a couple of streets away from me. There is nothing really special about them, I just liked the bay windows and the landscaped gardens. Glasgow has a million and one house styles, so this is likely to be a recurring theme lol. Ok now you're it Jen!

Church - Glasgow, Scotland

Here is a beautiful church, right in the heart of Glasgow city centre. It's the St. George's Tron Parish Church on Nelson Mandela Place. I love how cars can drive around it and it's right there sandwiched between shops, restaurants and offices. I've never actually seen a service take place there but isn't is lovely?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Church - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Not being much of a churchgoer (understatement of the decade), I can't tell you much about this particular church (other than the fact that it's near my building) or about Canadian churchs in general (other than the fact that this one looks pretty typical). Anyway, I like this photo because it has the Canadian flag waving all majestically. Unfortunately, judging by the clouds, it's going to rain. You're it Carol!

Girlie Magazine - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Since I'm too cheap to actually buy a magazine (even in the name of blogging). Here's a pic I took at the library, while I was getting little William some books to chew.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Girlie Magazine - Glasgow, Scotland

Here is the latest issue of Company magazine. I bought it on my way home today 'cos I wanted to look at the fashion pages. Anyway £2 and you get a free book. :) You're it Jen!

School Bus - Glasgow, Scotland

Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! :'o(
FINALLY I get a [school] bus for ya! I had no idea we had so many viewers!!! Technically this isn't a School Bus but technically it's not a public transport bus. It's a luxury hire coach. Usually school buses aren't anywhere near as fancy as this but if you're going on a long school trip you'd usually get one of these, or if you're on a coach tour, this is your bus!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

School Bus - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

For kids who live too far away from school to walk. Also useful for field trips to the apple orchard, or science centre, or pioneer village. This one was parked outside the mall across the street from my house, a sure sign that today's schools are really stretching for field trip destinations. You're it, Carol.

Taxi - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I cheated with this photo aswell. Oh it is in Burlington, but I didn't take it. My husband, Adam took it a few weeks ago (he's getting into the international tag fun). Anyway, a lot of taxis around here look like the mini-van above, others are normal-sized cars. This taxi company has chosen the traditional yellow for their cabs. And now if I ever need a taxi, I know the number.

Taxi - Edinburgh, Scotland

It's a taxi! Scottish cabs are traditionally this shape but black all over. This one is advertising Queen Margaret University, where I used to study! You're it Jen!

Library - Edinburgh, Scotland

Ok so I cheated a little with this one. Yes it's a library but its not in Glasgow. This photo was taken in Edinburgh where I grew up. In fact thisis the very place I used to get all my books. :) Btw it's not as creepy as it looks! ;o)