Friday, September 25, 2009

Plug Socket - Edinburgh, Scotland

This outlet, or plug socket as we call it here, is located in my living room. As you can see we have the traditional three-prong connection and unlike most countries we have an on/off switch. As far as I'm aware when it's off no power gets through. I'm always a little spooked with US/Canadian/European outlets in case I get electrocuted. *eeeek*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Outlet - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Here's one we haven't done. This outlet is located above my kitchen counter, out of reach of my toddler. Most of the other outlets are within his reach, and have recently been equiped with outlet covers because of this incident. Anyway, I assume the three-prong (or two-prong) plug in a rectangular outlet is the most efficient way of doing things. You can plug in two appliances, or use a power cord and plug in an unlimited amount of home entertainment dodads until the area behind your television set becomes a jungle of wires. You're it Carol!

Kraft Dinner - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I didn't see any big displays this time, but I'd say that no other country in the world has embraced Kraft Dinner (or KD, as it is commonly called) the way we Canucks have. In the first photo we have some of the different varieties available: Three Cheeses, Spirales, Whole Wheat (that one tastes like cardboard). I've also seen a pasta salad version, a white cheddar version, and a tomato version (so there's no need to add ketchup). Of course in the bottom photo we have the original KD (50 cents cheaper than the special varieties), a no-name version (tastes terrible but is half the price), and Easy Mac. That's right, if you don't have the cullinary expertise to boil a pot of water, you can now make Kraft Dinner in the microwave!