Sunday, August 24, 2008

Signs and Signals - Glasgow, Scotland

I wasn't sure what the tag was for when I took this. At first it was traffic lights... then it was a bollard... then it was signage... so here it is, all of the above! *lol* We have traffic lights, an directional area sign, new housing development, new shopping centre, a traffic bollard and some advertisements. Plus, I like the colour combo. You're it Jen!

Souvenirs - Glasgow, Scotland

Traditional Scottish souvenirs. =) No, not from Poundland (our equivalent of the Dollar Store) 'cos I couldnt find any there, but from James Pringle Weavers. Typically, tourists to Scotland take back caseloads of shortbread, chocolate shaped like scottie dogs and the loch ness monster, whisky, tea towels, oat cakes, fudge, Edinburgh rock... we like our food lol.