Monday, July 30, 2007

High School - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

This is M. M. Robinson High School, where I spent most of my teenage years. In Burlington we have two government funded school systems the Catholic school board and the public school board. MMR is a public school. It was named after Melville Mark (Bobby) Robinson (1888-1974), a Burlington fruit-farmer who was the sports editor of the Hamilton Spectator (a newpaper) and who founded the British Empire Games (later the Commonwealth games) in 1930. He was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in the 1950s. That goofy man giving the thumbs-up in the Subaru is my husband (don't mind him, he went to Catholic school). You're it Carol!


Adam Filipowicz said...

Hi Car!.. Your highschool looks like it was covered on concrete... try some landscaping!

Super Happy Jen said...

And even with this much ashfault, there was never enough parking!

Adam Filipowicz said...

ah rich kids and there cars

Anonymous said...

M.M. Robinson H.S.!! In the eighties, reputed to be among the worst high schools in southern Ontario and serious contender for the worst in Canada. That was true even with impoverished areas and school districts being not that far away in Hamilton and Niagara.

M.M. Robinson was the subject of a "60 Minutes" special as it had some of the heaviest illegal drug use of any school in North America. The old teaching staff was also ...less than stellar; empty alcohol bottles found in classroom waste baskets under a few papers; teachers dismissed for sexual misconduct with students; teachers NOT dismissed for sexual misconduct with students; several fistfights/physical altercations between teachers and students in plain sight of others at the school; Ministry of Education investigations to deal with "inflation of grades" to improve the school's track record for sending students to university. The list does go on, but I have to work in the morning. The eighties are a long time ago and, with the memories of that school, one would hope so.

Please don't take these MMR memories as a critique of your interesting blog. I am enjoying the Burlington/Glasgow photo tour!