Saturday, July 12, 2008

Statue - Glasgow, Scotland

In front of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall stands this statue of Donald Dewar, the first First Minister of Scotland. After the creation of the Scottish Parliment in 1999, he was the first person to hold the post. This statue, located at the top of Buchanan Street, was unveiled in May 2002 by then Prime Minister Tony Blair. You probably can't make it out from the photo, but in keeping with his famous unkempt appearance, it shows Dewar wearing a slightly crushed jacket.
A little piece of trivia: the statue was later taken down and re-erected on a 6 foot high plinth to protect it - not from malicious vandalism but a Glaswegian cultural trend of putting orange traffic cones on the statues head! Ironically this is considered a gesture of respect by many in the city as most of the cities statues have found themselves wearing the familiar orange cones!

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