Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Metro - Glasgow, Scotland

This little free paper gets me through my journey every morning. I think loads of cities around the globe have their own version of the Metro, but this is mine. Blue metal stands can be seen dotted around every train station in the country and most bus stations too. Very popular with the early morning commuter - I personally love the Nemi cartoon and the reading my horoscope. =) If you're not fast... you miss out! Look, the warning's even on the stand! *lol* You're it Jen!

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Hyde DP said...

I often pick up the Manchester edition on the bus around here - mid-morning there is usual none in the dispenser at the bus station but they'll be strewn about the bus.

T'other day I got on a bus sat down and looked around and a minute later a chap with one his hand just said - "were you looking for one of these" and handed one to me.