Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Electricity Pylon - Glasgow, Scotland

Ok so I think this is officially the least glam picture I've posted lol. The good old electricity pylon. I know they're a neccessity but they have to be the ugliest, most imposing structures around, especially sandwiched between houses like this. They generate a buzzing sound which, when I walk past, I'm very aware of so unless the residents of the neighbouring houses have become immune to it, I guess they must be driven crazy! I wonder if they get cheaper power..... You're it Jen!


Super Happy Jen said...

At first I thought you said "Electricity Python" and I was all excited to see what sort of snake-like thing you had photographed. This isn't going to be very exciting I'm afraid. Our towers look exactly like this.

Caz said...

Lol. I'll try to get a snake next time. :P It's sunny here today - for the first time in months! And Glasgow looks so much prettier in the sunshine so be ready for pics a plenty! =D