Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bridge - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

There's actually two bridges in this photo. The big one on the right is the Skyway Bridge which is part of a highway called the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way). The green one that says "Canada" on it (in case you forget where you are) is the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge (meaning it raises up so that the boats can go through). Both bridges lead to Hamilton, Ontario and beyond. I recommend taking the Skyway Bridge rather than the lift bridge because noone has time to wait for that bridge to lower. You're it Carol.


Caz said...

Wow! That's actually a really beautiful sight! The blue sjt, the gulls, the lovely water... Glasgow has loads of bridges so this one should be easy. But if it's very overcast they won't come out. I'll bring my camera to work tomorrow and get some shots.

Anonymous said...

I know that bridge! Tastefully and artfully shot in that photo. A teenager jumped from the highest point on that bridge and survived in the eighties. Word is that he did it on a $200 dare and sustained only minor injuries. Others who have gone off of it have not been so lucky. Sad stories aside, nice photo!