Sunday, August 12, 2007

Art Gallery - Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) is the second most visited contemporary art gallery outside London. Displayed inside is work by local and international artists as well as addressing contemporary social issues through its major biannual projects. A thoroughly inspiring and elegant neo-classical building in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

On a more fun note (and not from a guide book *lol*), see the horse statue at the right? The dude on it usually has a traffic cone on his head! *lol*

Ok Mum sent me this photo - here's what he looks like with the traffic cone on his head! Lol.


Lady S said...

I've been to GoMA and before I read all the way through your entry I was thinking "that's the museum with the guy on the horse." I have pictures from at least 2 different days in Glasgow when the cones are in different places.

Caz said...

I just added a photo of the cone. :)