Sunday, April 20, 2008

Strip Club - Burlington, Ontario

I have lived in Burlington since I was five, and yet I've never attended this gentlemen's club. (Partly because I am a hetrosexual female, and naked dancing girls don't really interest me). The exterior isn't really that much to write home about, but it really demonstrates our somewhat-prudish Canadian custom of disguising our strip joints as classy establishments. Look, they even gave themselves 5 stars. You're it Carol!


Caz said...

Random! But this gave me a wee giggle so thank you. =D

You're in luck! I work in one of Glasgow's seediest areas and there are two strip clubs that I can think of within like 45 seconds walk of my office. So tomorrow you will have your picture. =D

Super Happy Jen said...

Just don't get mugged walking in the seedy district.

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