Sunday, April 20, 2008

Castle - Hamilton, Ontario

This is what passes for a castle in southern Ontario. As wikipedia so eloquently puts it: "Dundurn Castle is an historic chateau on Dundurn Street North in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This 18,000 square foot mansion took three years to build, ending in 1835, for a cost $175,000.00. This seventy-two room castle featured the latest conveniences of gas lighting and running water." Hey, our house cost more than $175, 000. Maybe I can get someone to build us a castle instead. No? Well at least we got to tour the place using the free coupons that came with our cereal boxes. They even gave us cookies at the end of our tour. (William had 2, shhhhh).

BTW: Anyone recognize those tiny people hanging out by the tree?


Caz said...

Oh Wow! That's one impressive building! Does it constitute cheating when you're "in" the picture rather than taking the picture? *lol* j/k

Good shot!

Super Happy Jen said...

How do you know I didn't set up a tripod on a timer? Ok, ok, Adam took the pic.