Sunday, May 17, 2009

City Guide Books - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

These aren't guide books in the strictest sense, as they won't guide you to do anything. The first picture was taken at the local big box chain bookstore, Chapters. There I was only able to find one book (the dark green one) that was even about this area and it was about all of Halton (a region which includes Burlington, Oakville, and Milton).
The lower picture was taken at the tourism office, where they sell several different Burlington books, along with golf balls, t-shirts, maple syrup, and inukshuk necklaces. Everything is kept in a locked glass cabinet, which is odd, and makes for a lousy picture. I suppose I could've asked someone to unlock it, but I felt awkward even taking photos. Plus this way you get a glimpse of that gorgeous photographer in the reflection.
BTW: I realize in looking at these books that I know next to nothing about my city and its history. It almost makes me want to get one of these books so I can learn "The Story of Burlington". Almost.

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