Monday, May 18, 2009

Garbage - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I've decided to take pictures of more stuff around the house. Not only is it more convenient for me, but I think it's these sort of quirky things that are really different, and won't be found in any guidebook.

Anyway. The green bin on the left is appropriately called the "green bin". This is where you put most of what I would consider gross garbage: chicken bones, eggshells, used kleenexes, rotting fruit, something you found in your fridge that is no longer identifiable due to large amounts of mold. Every week it gets taken away and turned into compost (supposedly).

The blue box in the middle is, you guessed it, the "blue box" or "recycling bin". Here's where you put all your newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc. It also gets taken away weekly to be turned into, well, newspapers, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc.

The garbage can on the right is for everything else. I know, you're thinking, what else is there? Plenty, let me tell you. Especially if have two kids in diapers and you live in a municipality that doesn't allow diapers in the green bin even though the enormous megacity just 50 km away (Toronto) does allow diapers in the green bin (which baffles me). This would be fine except that, unlike the green and blue bins, the regular garbage gets picked up every two weeks (part of the local government's plan to get people all gung-ho about recycling). Two weeks is way too long to have festering toddler poop sitting around, imo. I mean I'm all for helping the environment, but seriously.

You're it, Carol!


Brenda said...

I really like your blog comparing the two cities...I live in Burlington and have been to Glasgow so find the comparisons quite interesting. I also agree about the garbage collection here and am glad my diapering days are over! Looking forward to more posts.

Adam Filipowicz said...
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Super Happy Jen said...

I too am looking forward to new posts *hums jeopardy music*

Good thing this isn't freeze tag, or we'd all be stiff from standing in one place for too long.

Aviatrix said...

I too am in suspense to find out how Glasgow copes with recycling, garbage and toddler poop.

I continue to love this blog. I also think you should endeavour to get a hydro tower in the background of every shot.

Anonymous said...

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going to check your cooking blog :)