Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Milk - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Delicious 1% milk. My family goes through 4 liters of the stuff about every two or three days. (Lots of cereal) Below we have the bag of milk, which comes with three bags of milk inside (for a total of 4 liters). Above we have our milk container, where you keep the open bag of milk. Just snip the corner off the bag and voila! We even have a special milk-cutting device (a fridge magnet with a blade on it) so we don't have to find the scissors every time we want to open a new bag. This is normal for us, but come to think of it, it is an odd way to purchase a beverage. You don't see these containers for juice, pop, water, wine, or beer.

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Carol said...

Oooh milk in bags! I think that's a great idea - so much less packaging! I wish the UK would start to sell milk this way.