Friday, October 2, 2009

Milk - Edinburgh, Scotland

Here we have milk, one of the most common household essentials in any Scottish home. We drink s *lot* of milk in our house (I looooooove cereal!) and so there are usually two cartons in the fridge at any one time. On the left we have a 4 pint carton of skimmed milk with a missing poster on the side. If you look (not so) closely you'll see how out of date it is. I need to shop lol. The red milk came from Iceland, a frozen foods store, not the country. On the right we have a 4 pint carton of semi-skimmed which is freshly made in Scotland - see the St. Andrew's cross flag? It was bought in Marks and Spencer, a more expensive food store and is luckily still in date.
You're in Jen!


Carol said...

Jen asked me to post something that wouldn't have her going outdoors to shoot. So I posted milk. She's all out of milk. lol

Super Happy Jen said...

I now have milk.

Aviatrix said...

I find it interesting that you refer to those plastic jugs as cartons. To me a carton has to be primarily made of paper products. If I buy milk, it's usually in waxed paper cartons, but I think I could buy plastic jugs or milk bags, too.