Sunday, June 17, 2007

City Chambers - Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow doesn't have a City Hall so I guess the City Chambers is the next best thing. This grand Victorian building was designed by William Young and completed in 1890, and is now the headquarters of Glasgow City Council. A random piece of trivia for ya... the entrance hall of the Chambers displays a mosaic of the city's coat of arms on the floor. The arms reflect legends about Glasgow's patron saint, Saint Mungo, and includes four emblems - the bird, tree, bell, and fish - as remembered in the following verse:
Here's the Bird that never flew
Here's the Tree that never grew
Here's the Bell that never rang
Here's the Fish that never swam.
I have a small confession to make. I didn't take this photo this weekend. There's a big clue in the pic which gives the time of year away... any guesses?? ;o)


Super Happy Jen said...

I wonder if Burlington has a patron Saint. I doubt it.

I see your City Chambers is slow to take down its Christmas decoration ;)

Caz said...

Hahaha, yup! I thought I was being clever cropped out the decorations then I noticed the whopping great Christmas tree! Lol.

real weegie said...

In Scotland, the City Chambers is the City Hall. In Glasgow, this building is not to be confused with the nearby City Halls, which is a council-owned performance venue.
Incidentally, the public can tour Glasgow City Chambers and one feature is the stunning use of Carrara marble - a sign of the wealth created when it was known as the second city of the British Empire.