Saturday, June 16, 2007

City Hall - Burlington

Here's where all the important decisions are made in our city (I guess). The tents and stuff are there because the Sound of Music Festival is on today. The Festival is a big deal in Burlington, but not so much anywhere else. This morning baby William and I watched a parade just few feet away from where this photo was taken. A surprising number of bagpipe bands. You're it, Carol.


Caz said...

Ooooh a good one! I love the shape of that building! And again it seems to clean and fresh. I forget what blue sky looks like - it's been cloudy and rainy and freezing cold here for days!
Technically Glasgow doesn't have a City Hall, but Derek informs me that the City Chambers are the next best think so I'll post a photo of that instead. :)

Super Happy Jen said...

Funny how you think everything here is "clean and fresh", is everything in Scotland dirty and stale?

Christine (Carol's Mum) said...

Hi Jen, No,not dirty and stale! Just old! Actually make that ancient!! We don't have too many new towns like you. Carol would probably even say that Scottish parents are old too!!!!
:) Keep up this international tag thingy. I am really enjoying it.

Super Happy Jen said...

According to the internet, there have been people living in this area since as early as 1798, but Burlington didn't become a city until 1974, so I guess that's how old the building is.