Saturday, June 9, 2007

Crosswalk Light - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Seems like Carol is posting from the future, so if I post the same day, my pictures will always end up under hers. Anyway here's a crosswalk light near my building. This one has a number telling you how long you have to get your butt across the street. At about 14 seconds, the little walking man turns into an orange flashing hand, warning you you're almost out of time. It's really quite suspenseful. You're it, Carol.


Caz said...

Sorry Jen, I was using my timezone but I'll just use yours instead so the photos are in the right order. :)

Super Happy Jen said...

No worries. I could also just wait 5 hours before posting ;)

Caz said...

I'm having a bit of trouble with thi sone already lol. All of the crossings near me are covered up due to roadworks!! But I'll definately get one on my way to work tomorrow. :) I have my next shot all lined up for you tho! ;)